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High pressure hose for the problems in the use of hydraulic system
Author:admin  Source:Soft Tube Industry  Time:2019-5-6  Click:6369

In various engineering machinery, coal mine hydraulic, chemical equipment such as hydraulic system will see a lot of high pressure hose assembly connection application, so what has played a decisive role in the system?

First of all, we have the high pressure hose assembly structure is made by steel wire braided tube ends and joint use of professional equipment to withhold, used to transport oil, gas, water and other medium, through the medium circulation circulation plays a role of passing! Even if again big key equipment parts appear problem, will also stop, so it is necessary to the daily maintenance and replacement, this can be reference to replace the high pressure hose need to be aware of the point.

Used frequently in hydraulic system of high voltage specifications inner diameter is not too big, the hydraulic system is not the same as the velocity of the different parts of the permit, in the operation of the enormous pressure and high pressure just at the time of work needs to be small flow high pressure, which greatly reduce the motor driven power cost savings to improve efficiency. And low pressure need no-load running low voltage large flow, the impact will not be too big, and is helpful to reduce the compressor load.

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