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High pressure hose assembly production quality improvement methods
Author:admin  Source:Soft Tube Industry  Time:2019-5-6  Click:9099
Manufacturing process of high pressure hose assembly, high pressure rubber hose, leakage and bruised blowout phenomenon occurs frequently, recent bulk blasting crack, but also caused strong response from user, quality and corporate reputation are serious questions, how to control the quality of the products is imminent. The main problems in the following respects.
1) for the product composition, performance, use and recognition of the importance of master does not reach the designated position.
Button 2) hose joint leakage, high pressure hose assembly withhold is an important process, key process Settings without error prevention measures; In a production environment, the layout and process arrangement not harmonious, inconsistent; Personnel did not create positions, especially the task cycle short, temporary allocate personnel operating randomly, no transition between each working procedure flow, failure to fill in the required quality records, responsibility cannot implement to the people, the lack of sense of responsibility.
3) joint face bruised: hose task disequilibrium, often a temporary increase in quantity, short production cycle, rubber stripping, withhold hose top key working procedure, performed by create positions professional operators; Other such as identification, some technical requirements is not high, such as packaging, loading and unloading process, will arrange non-specialists temporary. Temporary job, because it is not fixed, work content is not fixed, the lack of professional technology training for the personnel, work standard is not high, greatly too forcibly placed when excessive force or loading and unloading process, between the joint touchdown or joint impact, knock against each other. Job site unreasonable process arrangement. At the same time, the improper protection measures, the hose knock against damage.
4) assembly on joint fracture: metal joint, high pressure hose size is not reasonable and the quality of rubber stripping, withhold meet limit of size is assembled make tightening force is too large or too small, lead to rupture or leakage; Hose manufacturer material, pipe machining error and manufacture error exists in the process of my unit withhold size error accumulation is the main cause of fracture problem, at the same time, technological procedures according to the national standards and industry standards in proportion to extract on test, extremely easy omission, but did not test quality hidden trouble caused by the product not expose problems to the scene and transfer to the user, in the process to arrange without leakage prevention measures.
5) problem product can not be traced: each hose without a clear identity, no record of product quality problems unfindable, implementation and improvement.
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